24 Hour lockup for RLabs Innovation Space

RLabs New Space Under Construction

This Thursday, 9 December 2010, I will be locked up in the new RLabs Innovation Space (see room above) for 24 hours with the goal to raise 4,900 Euros. This will allow us to do some structural and cosmetic work to this new RLabs space and we really excited as it will also be a place where new ideas will be birthed and incubated that will have a positive impact on society locally and globally.

This 24 Hour lockup will be in collaboration with the One Percent Club and I will post my thoughts, video diary, photos and updates throughout the day.

You can show your support and read more about the project here.


You can make it Work

I’ve been in Amsterdam since Wednesday (15 September) to attend the 1%Event being hosted by the One Percent Club. The 1%CLUB is the marketplace that connects smart development projects with people, money and knowledge around the world at onepercentclub.com. Although the main event was being held in Amsterdam it was also an online co-creation between Amsterdam (Netherlands), Nairobi (Kenya) and Douala (Cameroon) where various innovators, young professionals, entrepreneurs and change-makers could invest one day of their time and expertise, experience, talent, network and energy towards International Co-operation and making a difference in real projects on the ground.

The event had a mix of amazing talks (Check out Tiina Urm from Let’s Do It!! who cleaned Estonia in 1 day), open collaboration spaces where like-minded people could work together to make things work. It was my first experience of such an event that was beyond just amazing but it was life changing. I had the opportunity to share more about the Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) and JamiiX. The talk was all about “What’s in Your Box” that could make a difference in the lives of others. There was such a buzz in the room and the people were all there to make things work. We saw so much fruitful things happening at the event with many projects receiving advice, websites and logos were created in a few hours and innovative solutions transpired in a few hours that will have an impact on society.

This was truly a life changing event that not only made an impact on those who were there but also proved that with International Co-Operation and partnerships we are able to see change and transformation in our Societies locally and globally. Thank you to the team at One Percent Club for making this event possible and for the lives you’ve changed and we are looking forward to making it work. You can read all about the event with well documented posts, videos and pictures on the One Percent Blog.


Arrived in Amsterdam and One Percent Club Rocks

Well the day has finally arrived and I’ve landed in Amsterdam for the One Percent Event. Being my first visit to the Netherlands it was with great excitement that I was greeted and I am sure my excitement (although I’ve been on a 12 hour flight) can be seen in the video above 🙂 This event brings together various innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs, change-makers and stakeholders on 17 September at the PakHuis De Swijger, Amsterdam. By investing one day of your time, expertise, talent, network and energy that could lead to new innovative approaches towards global collaboration. You can follow more about the build-up to this event at the One Percent Club Blog and also watch out for the various social media updates.