2014 Year of building the Hope Economy

2014 Year of building the Hope Economy

A key focus for RLabs this year will be to build HOPE ECONOMIES across our living labs. Many people have asked me what is the business of RLabs and I’ve always indicated that we in the business of HOPE.

Hope is having a certainty in the present and a firm expectation in the future”

Therefore thinking about the term HOPE Economy refers to an environment where HOPE is created and shared that empowers and elevates those infused with it.

It is important for us to ensure that our communities are overflowing with renewed HOPE and it is our duty to make it contagious. We’ve seen over the years how the lives of people were changed through the power of HOPE. Some might think that what does technology and the Internet have to do with HOPE but it does provide opportunities to people who can access information that can transform their lives (See video below of how technology, the Internet and education impacted the lives of 2 members of the RLabs community).

Five important things to remember when you think about HOPE:

  1. Lack of HOPE affect a person’s ability to decide.
  2. HOPE operates as a capability.
  3. A little bit of HOPE can allow people to realize their potential.
  4. HOPE is to the soul, what the sun is to the sky.
  5. We need HOPE to rise in order to increase our faith and belief.

It is with this in mind that RLabs will further develop the model of a HOPE Economy as we strive to make HOPE contagious.


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