The new journey with Mxit Reach

The new journey with Mxit Reach

By now most people would be aware that I’ve joined Mxit to head up the social development and non-profit company. I’ve been asked by a number of people why I opted to join Mxit and take on this new role. Below I give 3 reasons why I believe Mxit is possibly the best place for me to be at in this part of my journey and the possibilities it presents in reconstructing communities:

1) Mxit is Africa’s largest Social Network with more than 50 Million registered users (10 Million+ active users) and the 9th largest Mobile Social Network in the world. With such a vast community to tap into it presents a good stepping stone to launch social change initiatives at scale

2) It is an African Solution that is ideal to solve African and emerging market problems. This excites me because it allows us to leapfrog other solutions with an already solid team at Mxit.

3) Mxit has an amazing team leading the Revolution, being part of this journey and opportunity to work with such amazing individuals is definitely an opportunity to learn as much as possible and to contribute to its success.


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