The journey of an imperfect being

The journey of an imperfect being

Life as we know it comes with all kinds of challenges, tears, joy, heartache and laughter. Life in itself is a journey, one that we all undertake, one where we hope that we live life to the fullest and be able to at least make a positive difference and impact in the life’s journey of others.

In most cases, we as people disqualify ourselves from being able to make that positive impact because we are focused on our imperfections and always have the struggle in our minds that we are too bad to be of any good. I’ve had this struggle many times in my life and it is always a battle because it is easier to give up and accept our imperfections and use it as an excuse not to do the good.

Since starting this journey of longing to do good there is always a perception of who you are (your background) and what is it that allows you to follow through on this journey of hope. So many have asked the question before, “Who is Marlon Parker?, What is his story? What’s your motives?” and many responses to these questions were given. Today I want to take it further and tell you who I am from the heart:

I was born in a home where my father deserted me at a young age, not being the perfect son to a loving mother and late-grandmother (they are my life), not even the perfect brother (I love my brothers and sister, the one who I should have taken care of and nurtured as an older brother is in prison today), not the perfect husband to my beautiful wife (who has my heart and who I love, yet she forgive me and love me even when I caused her pain and heartache), not the perfect friend (every friend that I’ve ever letdown, caused pain or not live up to your expectations). As a teenager I could not deal with peer-pressure and became a “teen alcoholic” wanting to please others just to be accepted. At the age of 15 I was suicidal had no longing to live and no ambition, fatherless and rebellious. I was never the perfect student, I’ve failed many times (failed people too) and yet I had this longing to one day be able to do good.

Yet the questions always remained: how can I (Marlon Parker) who lied, cheated, caused pain and heartache, who was dishonest, broke vows, alcoholic, deserted, imperfect, failed, weak, scared make a positive change in someone’s life? What qualifies me to do this yet I’m the worst of the worst and not the perfect person?

The answer is simple and is found in these beautiful words:

“when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears”

I AM NOT perfect and will never BE but my perfection is found in my faith in the LORD Jesus (He was the one who carried me and is still carrying me all these years even when I failed Him).

This journey of Hope and making a difference was never about me and will never be about me…it is about the people (By people for people). If someone who is as bad and imperfect as me could persevere on this journey then anyone can do good and make a difference.

I therefore ask forgiveness to everyone who was ever letdown and hurt by Marlon, to those who feel imperfect and that you can’t do anything to make a difference, think again….your journey has just begun and someone out there has been waiting on you to start their reconstruction process.

Marlon needs to be reconstructed and that is the reason why “I will always need you” because this journey is not about me (will never be), it is about the people, it is about hope, it is about learning, it is about opportunity, it is about reconstruction and it is about A Social Revolution (by the people for the people) especially those who are longing for reconstruction and that has always been what RLabs represents.


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  1. I have been following your every step. I have known and seen where you come from and you are a testimony that our circumstances do not have to dictate what our future will be. I remember that Sunday When you ran across the church parking lot not being able to contain yourself with the good news that you have accepted Jesus Christ in your life. You are a testimony of God’s love and grace. May you continue along this journey in strength and victory so that people May see Jesus.

  2. WOW!!! Marlon your just brought tears to my eyes.Im really really proud of you my brother.You are a real inspiration to me & im sure to many others out there.
    Im so bless to be part of your life,maybe not on a everyday basis but on the basis that i can always come to you & chat about everything.

    I mean were together for over 10 years in the ministry,seeing alot of things done alot of things together & yet you came up TOPS!!through God’s grace He has carried you through.Many people dont see it but God does.

    My the Lord bless you & your beautiful wife in the journey that God is taking you,He has so much more in store for you & your family.

    Love you guys & i mean that i Love you guys
    May the Lord bless each & everything that you touch
    & i pray that RLabs will grow from strength to strength

    Ricky d Johnson

  3. Marlon,
    Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing from within. It’s never easy, but always worthwhile and interesting.
    Warmly, Nick

  4. I draw inspiration Marlon – it is in our weakness that He can be strong in our lives. It dawned on me during the weekend that I have so many faults, mess up so many times and cause hurt to others even. Thanks for allowing your life to be an example and for sharing with the world. From your Not Perfect brother, yet, made perfect in Christ. God bless you

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