Why the world needs more Social Entrepreneurs

Why the world needs more Social Entrepreneurs

Currently in Amsterdam and over the last few weeks I’ve really been thinking about startups and the impact they can have in Society. It is also very difficult to find startups that adds value and meaning in society. Everyone wants to create the next BIG thing to be the next Facebook or Twitter, yet there are so many opportunities in creating startups that can make a difference and address the needs of society.

This was one of the reasons for starting RLabs, a Social Enterprise that uses web and mobile technologies to empower, equip communities and addresses the needs of people in need. Since the existence of RLabs it has empowered more than 4,000 people with digital literacy at NO COST and created support services to more than a million users over the last 3 years.

Currently RLabs have an incredible team of 28 full-time champions who are making a difference daily and RLabs as a startup also expanded its services and activity to 13 countries. So after this experience I share the following FOUR reasons why the world needs more Social Entrepreneurs:

1) The world needs entrepreneurs who can solve real problems and that have meaning to society at large. A great article by Fast Company encourages startups to build products that have meaning and explains why solving real problems are so rewarding on a number of different levels.

2) Social impact initiatives needs to be sustainable and the pure donor model or aid can’t sustain these initiatives. Developing sustainable models and through entrepreneurship are the only way to make a substantial and lasting impact.

3) Many of the problems in the world already have the right people to solve them in its context. It just needs a difference perspective on the problem to come up with a relevant solution for a social problem. Read the article by Harvard Business Review on how Entrepreneurs find opportunities.

4) Most solutions in society have a direct economic value and requires an entrepreneurship mindset to have the maximum impact.


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