Breaking News: JamiiX in Nigeria

Breaking News: JamiiX in Nigeria

While being in Silicon Valley, our CEO Marlon Parker, concluded a deal with Fasmicro to be the JamiiX partners in Nigeria. Fasmicro has evolved as one of the most innovative embedded systems, Apps and software firms in Nigeria, giving Africa its first Android App Store in addition to creating other fascinating technologies. Fasmicro Locker is deployed in copyrighted digital assets to prevent digital theft while the Fasmicro Leaser ensures that any digital asset becomes worthless after the lease date, unless renewed. We have become a company of choice for academic institutions and religious institutions that want to preserve their digital assets. It is moving aggressively into mobility and helping to reshape the mobility geography of Nigeria.

This partnership not only expands the footprint of JamiiX in Africa but will also ensures that we able to reach Africa’s largest mobile internet market. You can read the official announcement of this partnership here.

Source: JamiiX Blog


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