What is your message?

What is your message?

Whenever big brands and companies think about message in most cases they make reference to one-way communication as the main channel for carrying a message. It is also alarming that there is no consideration for cross-platform messaging such as SMS, Instant Messaging, Social Networks, Email etc.

The problem is that when the next generation look at message they almost always expect two-way communication as being the norm. They want to react, comment or engage with a brand and its message. However, most of the brands are struggling with the two-way communication medium and generally are not geared towards engagement via Social Networks, IMs, SMS or other engagement technologies.

Not only are we seeing this with BIG brands but also large non-profits, civil society organisations, governments, educational institutions and many other organisations struggling with the same problem. Although youth and the next generation of communicators have made the transition over to these multi-way communication tools many of them see the way many of the BIG brands communicate with them as being Anti-Social.

It is with these things in mind that technologies like our JamiiX can provide various BRANDS and organisations with the platform to engage with their customers, users, crowds through one interface reaching them on multiple platforms.


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  1. You raise some interesting points here. I have been thinking how might NGO’s use social media to supplement their purpose – for advocacy, to help raise awareness, to enhance their capacity to build a following, to raise funds, to engage with stakeholders etc.

    Intuitively i guess that NGO’s might benefit a great deal from social media, but you state here that NGO’s aren’t geared towards engagement on social networks or engagement technologies. I am interested in why this might be the case that NGO’s aren’t using it to their benefit, what information/ research reveals information on this issue?

    Shot for the great website!

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