A new journey begins…

A new journey begins…

I remember like it was yesterday, when I got a call in September 2000 and asked if I would be willing to teach the C++ programming class on a part-time basis at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) (Thanks to Corrie Uys for the suggestion and making that call). I never for a minute thought that I would be with CPUT for over 10 years!!

It was therefore with great sadness that I had to make the decision to say goodbye to CPUT tomorrow and starting a new journey as a Social Entrepreneur with RLabs and managing JamiiX. The time in the Information Technology department was a memorable one where I met amazing students along the way and really worked with the best group of people ever. We shared so much together, tears, laughter, failure and successes but above all I’ve met a group of people who are leaving a lasting memory with me and who I will never be able to forget. Many have become more than just work colleagues to me but friends for life and who I am forever grateful for their contribution to where I am today. It was also at CPUT that I had a mentor and mother in Retha de la Harpe who was very instrumental in the journey that I’ve embarked on and who I will forever be indebted for her sacrifice and belief in me and my abilities. To all my colleagues over the years in the IT Department (Wilhelm Rothman – My Hero, David Makola – My good friend, Kirstin Krauss – My partner in crime, Estelle Zietsman, Johan Uys, Kruben Naidoo, Chris Kies, Nazier Paulsen, Euphias Rhode, Jay Barnes, Michelle Barnes, Denise Lakay, Tem, Karen, Ashraf, Mike (will be missed and who passed away), and everyone academic and support colleagues who I had the honour and privilege to work with…) and our Head of Department – Bennett Alexander for being so supportive to the work I’ve embarked on. A special thank also to Colleen Murphy, an amazing woman who was our department secretary but above all a true friend, I am forever grateful for her friendship and also being there when I needed her support the most. To our Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Design, Johannes Cronje, who always believed in me and to the rest of the staff in the faculty for the friendships and partnerships we formed over the last few years since the merger of CPUT. Other colleagues from faculties of Business, Finance and Research who truly left a lasting impression on me and for the great friendships that grew from these relationships.

After such an amazing time with CPUT this new journey is one that is unknown, but above all it is the one that I will take in a mission to reach a third of the world’s population with a message of hope in my lifetime through the work that I am embarking on. It is here where I will share that journey of hope, change, community, technology and innovation that will become my life’s mission and goal that cannot be achieved without those who have impacted me at CPUT, in the past and those who I will meet on this Quest.


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  1. Hi Marlon

    We met briefly at the New Apostolic Church in Bellville a few years ago and do not expect you to remember me as you meet many people. You touched me with your personal story and it has remained with me ever since. I’ve followed you on FB for the last while and thankfully praised God for your personal development and ICT developments. You have travelled extensively, met many people and all of this is to fulfill your purpose as a servant of God. Rlabs & Jamiix are wonderful tools to guide, assist, and spread the wonderful gospel of Jesus.
    I wish you much blessing on this path which seems unknown to you, yet you placed on it by God. It therefore leads to somewhere.

    Kind regards

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