The New JamiiX launched

The New JamiiX launched

This weekend the JamiiX team launched the latest version of JamiiX and it is packed with the following new changes:

We’ve changed the layout and design for a much richer user experience:

1. Manage all your eXchanges from the Home Tab.
2. Easy chat management with your contacts, for a list of supported IM’s you can use JamiiX on click here
3. Group Chat, to help facilitate conversations between your eXchange Pro’s, Members and Guests.

There is also a new Welcome Screen that gives you the latest updates, help and management of your eXchanges:

1. Welcome Screen now have your JamiiX News and Latest Updates.
2. Quick start, your guide to JamiiX and how to get the Maximum of your eXchange (Creating an eXchange; Managing your eXchange; etc).
3. JamiiX Support, where our Help desk is only 1 message away.

Another new addition to JamiiX is its reporting system allowing you to see the real time activity on your eXchange.

1. eXchange Stats, where you can find the number of messages that has been sent to your eXchange.
2. We also have a tab Number of Users showing who is new and total number of users accessing your eXchange.
3. You can also access Number of Conversations allowing you to track growth of your eXchange.
4. Real Time Graph using date ranges.



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