Mobile Phone Numbers in South Africa – Part 2

Mobile Phone Numbers in South Africa – Part 2

After 3 days of having our survey LIVE on MXit and our Mobi site we wanted to share some more preliminary findings. With the volume of respondents increasing by 200% since our first update below is selected updates with some new insights:

The top mobile handset brand according to our respondents is still Nokia with 60% followed by Samsung with 21%. Only 3% of the mobile users were using a Blackberry handset this could be due to large volume of Blackberry users not actively using MXit as their preferred Instant Messenger.

A new addition to our data was that 34% of mobile phone users were using multiple sim cards of which more than 60% of these using a sim card that differs from their primary service provider. We also noted that the number of mobile users using pre-paid to cover their cellular costs increased and currently at 87%. It is also interesting to note that amongst youth aged 13 – 25 the number of pre-paid users are 92%.

A new addition to our findings also shows that the most used function according to South African mobile users is Instant Messaging with 32%. Interesting to note that the mobile internet is growing with more than 25% of the respondents indicating that they actively use it. Other than MXit which was the most popular mobile social network used amongst the youth, Facebook numbers proved to be growing steadily with it being 20 times more than the Twitter users.

We will release the rest of the study in a few weeks with Youth Research Partners and the RLabs Research Institute giving more insight into the preferences and usage of mobile phones in South Africa. If you are interested in this study please contact the RLabs Research Institute here.


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