Mobile Phones to address unemployment

Mobile Phones to address unemployment

It is with great excitement that we would like to introduce our latest project part of the RLabs family. Uusi (meaning “New” in Finnish) is the latest exciting product being incubated in RLabs and will be officially launched in 2011. Uusi is a mobile social network that will provide its community members access to employment opportunities and basic educational services. The brainchild of this new Social Innovation, Terence Hendricks, is excited with it prospects and during its testing phase have already attracted more than 1,200 users who joined the Uusi network in South Africa.

The goal of Uusi is to provide its members the opportunity to have a new beginning in their careers, education and future. Although still early days Uusi will soon announce the details of its partnership with Africa’s largest mobile social network MXit and Finnish educational mobile learning platform Ympyra. Over the next few weeks we will make more announcements on how Uusi and its partners are addressing unemployment through the use of Mobile Phones.

Source: Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs)


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