Class of 2010 Social Media for Social Change Graduation

Class of 2010 Social Media for Social Change Graduation

It was a great experience and witnessing how lives was reconstructed during the year’s Social Media for Social Change activities. People from different backgrounds and ages came to join this years session. It was wonderful to see how some of these graduates started their own blogs and even starting their own business with the skills they have acquired during the sessions. This year we had 35 graduates in total from the Mom3.0 and Reconstructed session.

Bloggers of year:

Gary Saaiman, Melanie Willie and Melissa Johnson – They were the most active on the Blogosphere and started their own blogs.

Micro Bloggers of the year:

Megan Hickley and Wendy Jefferies – These two ladies were the most active on the micro blogging platform. The team put Megan to a challenge she had to get 1000 tweets within 3 day but she did it in 7 days.

Social Media Enthusiast:

Vanessa Martin and Porchia Johnson – These two ladies came into our sessions not knowing anything about Social Media as they journeyed through we saw their growth and how to use Social Media to the max.

Social Media Socialite:

Jackie Biggs – Social Media Socialite was the Grand Prize Jackie Biggs was the most active and using all forms of Social Media tools that she has learned during the sessions. There was nothing that kept her from missing a class, with the prizes that she received and what she has learned will definitely be a endeavor worth keeping an eye on.

Well done to all the graduates of class 2010. Check out the pics of the graduation here



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