Amsterdam School of Business visit RLabs

Amsterdam School of Business visit RLabs

As I am making my way to Amsterdam to attend the TEDxAmsterdam event I was just reflecting on the guests from Amsterdam School of Business who assisted us developing a global business model for the future of RLabs. It was very useful getting to work with an amazing group of individuals who really all contributed in such a major way.

Over the next few weeks we will reveal more of this business model that will change they way we operate RLabs with a great emphasis on sustainability, growth, social impact, hope and globalization. Special thanks to the group pictured below for sharing their insights and spending time with us at RLabs.


2 Replies to “Amsterdam School of Business visit RLabs”

  1. Hi!

    Great project you have here!
    You mentioned working with the Amsterdam Business School. Students or staff for the University engaged in the project?

    Thank a lot and I wish you all the luck in the world with RLabs!

  2. Hi Alina. Thanks for the well wishes and the work will be with both students and staff. Actually it is open to anyone who want to collaborate 🙂

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