MXit launches API

MXit launches API

Over the last few years we’ve worked very close with MXit using our JamiiX platform to provide social support to community members all over Southern Africa. Today was therefore a great move in the right direction for MXit as an API (or SDK as some of us want to believe. Read post by @paulscott56) was launched to open up the popular South African Mobile Chat platform to developers.

The importance of this API to the South African Technology community is due to MXit having well over 20 million subscribers all over Africa (majority being in South Africa) and more than 5 million globally (Indonesia boasting the highest number outside South Africa with approximately 3.5 million users).

The MXit age demographics also shifted from being youth in their early teens (3 years ago) to 58% of its current user base being aged 19 – 35 years. Therefore it is no surprise that they’ve launched their Mobile Wallet services driven by their internal MXit currency (Moola) that also allows their users to purchase the MXit Moola through a local bank, premium SMS (Texts) and a large South African supermarket chain.

This API launch (with revenue sharing model and MXit app approval system) does mean that a number of interesting things could be realised by the development community who would like to leverage the power of the MXit platform. Some of the things that could be leveraged through the MXIt API are:

– Mulit-media possibilities
– Large Community
– Supports more than 2,500 mobile handsets
– Access to the Internet via MXit
– Location based info is available
– Extensive user information is available
– Viral effect and social networking principles
– Multi-group communication

For more information on the MXit Api or to become a partner please visit and you can read more about the launch at RLabs and She’s The Geek.


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  1. Hi Mr. Parker,

    My name is Evelina and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about your Mxit project. I read the article “Using Technology to Fight Drug Abuse” and it was interesting. I am going to write about your project. Could you please tell me who is sponsoring your project?



  2. Hi Evelina. Would be glad to chat to you about the project. Please email me via the contact page and I am more than happy to share more info with you:-)

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