Mobile Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

Mobile Opportunities and Challenges in Africa

With more than 450 million mobile phones in Africa, it is no surprise that it is a hotbed for low cost mobile innovation. Below are some tips for Mobile Developers, Organisations and Entrepreneurs who intend venturing into Africa with their mobile innovations, solutions and services:

1) Africa is still flooded with Old mobile handsets.
2) The 2G and 3G penetration although available in many African countries are not always reliable.
3) Data cost is still very high especially if you are providing data intensive solutions.
4) PC penetration is still not close to mobile and your solution should not mimic PC functionality.
5) Africa still has a lot of poverty so keep that in mind with revenue models and pricing.
6) Africa has a diverse range of cultures and languages that could impact the adoption of your solutions.

The above list was inspired at the MXit API launch.


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