SAFIPA provides seed funding to Cape Flats start-up JamiiX

SAFIPA provides seed funding to Cape Flats start-up JamiiX

It is not often that you hear of technology startup companies being based on the Cape Flats, in Silicon Cape (Cape Town) South Africa. However, one such startup company, JamiiX decided to go global with its active partners in Finland, United Kingdom, South Africa and Malaysia. In order to further develop JamiiX and take the innovation global the South Africa – Finland knowledge partnership on ICT (SAFIPA) provided $192,000 in seed funding to this exciting start-up initiative.

Although the Cape Flats is normally known for a number of its social ills and problems with very limited resources available, JamiiX is one of those success stories where community members and organisations work together to create new innovations that could meet local and global needs. The confidence by SAFIPA not only provides extra resources to continue developing JamiiX but also assist the JamiiX team with access to other markets through its networks and partners.

About JamiiX:
JamiiX Social Exchange is a Web and Mobi based tool providing organizations/businesses/government/individuals to manage multiple conversations from different Social Media and Instant Messaging platforms. It is the perfect Social/ Web 2.0 distribution and aggregation technology to engage with customers/clients/community members/stakeholders. It provides counselling and support services via the Cloud Computing platform.

SAFIPA is a bilateral project between the governments of South Africa and Finland. It aims to support the creation of an environment which facilitates the development and deployment of ICT service applications for the benefit of South African citizens.


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