MGeos: Mobile GeoService with low-end phones

MGeos: Mobile GeoService with low-end phones

One of the exciting partnerships for our company MoVigo Technologies is the partnership with a innovative Mobile Company in Finland Pajat who is the creators of a Mobile GeoService application focused on affordable GPS enabled phones. Some of the key features of MGeos are:

* define program specific point-of-interests (POIs), routes and areas with associated data to be collected
* data can be of multiple types: text, numbers, single and multichoice alternatives, conditional subquestions
* capture pictures to be included for POIs
* collect data with affordable mobile phones with GPS and camera
* upload data directly to a central database over the cellular network or via an internet connected computer
* edit existing data in the mobile device during follow-up visits
* back-office reporting and analysis
* visualize the collected data in different ways

We will keep you updated about future developments of MGeos.


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