Youth Research Partners and Grassroots Healthcare

Youth Research Partners and Grassroots Healthcare

Over the past few years we’ve increasingly seen grassroots healthcare services not being accessible especially in developing communities. This is also evident with the service delivery to the large youth market in Southern Africa where in some cases we only have social worker or health care professional for every 40 schools in most parts of the country. Therefore most youth and children do not have access to these free services and their families are unable to afford proper healthcare services.

Although we’ve seen the need in South Africa growing for improved healthcare service delivery, the country has also seen opportunity to leverage technology to meet some of these needs and fill some of the gaps in the grassroots delivery system. The Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) oversees various programmes addressing some of these issues through the use of technology, community empowerment and grassroots/community champions. Youth Research Partners, a youth research and marketing agency built for the 21st Century and with youth at heart, asked some interesting questions in an interview about the work their RLabs partner does at a grassroots healthcare level.


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