RLabs and MXit launches LIVE Drug Counselling Portal

RLabs and MXit launches LIVE Drug Counselling Portal

As the drug awareness week draws to a close, many people and families will still be facing the battle against addiction. Thanks to a partnership between MXit and RLabs offering youth access to 24 hour information via the Angel service and LIVE drug counselling via the Drug Advice Support initiative on JamiiX thousands of lives are being impacted through the use of technology. Through this Angel service users can have access to information at their fingertips.MXit arguably one of South Africa’s largest Mobile Social Network provides its millions of users FREE access to the RLabs’ Angel Portal. This service is extended to live counselling with counsellors from Impact Direct who achieved the following numbers during the Drug Awareness Week (Monday – Thursday):

Angel Subscribers: 40,500+
Drug Advice Support (DAS) LIVE counselling service on JamiiX: 1283
Number of Messages: 7654

Read more about this exciting new offering that was published today in The Star newspaper.


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