Drug Advice Support Counselling via MXit

Drug Advice Support Counselling via MXit

This week is sustance abuse week and RLabs have partnered with MXit to bring a LIVE counselling support service to the 28,000 plus subscribers to our Angel Information Service. Today in our 3 hour service the following statistics were achieved with 8 counsellors:

– Number of Conversations: 385
– Number of Messages: 2867
– Average Conversations per counsellor: 44

We will expand the number of counsellors over the next few days as we are expecting an increase in number of conversations. Well done to the team who took care of the people in need today. Most of the conversations were depression and abuse related once again proving that we need to expand the mobile counselling services to deal with other social issues. The technology we are using to manage the conversations is JamiiX.


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