Kujali: Mobile Application for Home-Based HealthCare

Kujali: Mobile Application for Home-Based HealthCare

Over the past few weeks RLabs have been part of a project with CPUT Innovation Hub to develop a Mobile Application for Home Based HealthCare (HBHC). This project started last year as a collaboration between universities in three provinces in South Africa and the first prototype was showcased at this year’s IST Africa Conference in Durban, South Africa. The solution “Kujali”,(Swahili for “Care”) is a mobile solution that supports home-based healthcare (HBHC) providers that face severe difficulties in providing a sustainable and comprehensive health services to poorer communities. In addition to the healthcare professional and caregiver needs, family members and other citizens need to also be supported and informed about the patient’s state of health.

This mobile application is downloaded and can be used on most Java enabled handsets. It provides the caregivers with their patients for the day’s information (patient record) within Kujali. The caregiver therefore does not need write any lengthy reports but fill in an easy to use Kujali patient management system via their mobile phone. The patient data, once submitted by caregiver, immediately gets uploaded to the main database where data becomes available to agencies and health centres to access this up to date patient data to support decision making and management of services to the communities in need. Patient family members would also be able to access the patient information via mobile phone and will receive alerts in serious cases. RLabs will be part of the deployment and R&D team getting this much needed solution to the local community and other developing markets.


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  1. This is an interesting initiative – I see the impact of home based care (on both the caregivers as well as the patient) in our “poorer communities”. While providing health care remain the primary goal for caregivers I’m keen to see how this project will make lives easier from an admin perspective.

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