Geeky Moms using blogging to share their stories

Geeky Moms using blogging to share their stories

Over the weekend we had our Mom 3.0 session and as per usual it is great to see how they are using Social Media to share their life stories. In the group of about 30 moms the most senior blogger in the group is our 69 year old Grandmother. What was exciting to see is that the session was managed by one of our Graduates Monique Ross (She’s the Geek) who has been doing some amazing things in the technology space by also encouraging other women to use Social media to share their stories. Most of these women have NO formal education and NO computer literacy. Some of the topics that the women will be covering in the RLabs Social Media for Social Good training are:

– Email and Web Literacy
– Social networking
– Micro-blogging
– Blogging
– File-sharing sites
– Instant messengers
– Social Bookmarking

We will be following closely how these women develop over this year and looking forward engaging with them on the various Social media platforms.


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  1. Hi Marlon, this is great to see. I was just wondering if you’re possibly also introducing them to open source software, like Ubuntu Linux and Open Office, as cost-effective alternatives to prohibitively expensive proprietary software? When I was part of a group that was partnering with the Shuttleworth Foundation, Linux enabled us to put computers in very many schools that couldn’t “normally” afford it, what with hardware manufacturers locked into Microsoft Windows.

  2. Hi Raoul. Thanks for the comment. We do not teach them any proprietary software like MS Windows but most of our sessions are giving the participants a passion and appetite for the Web. So we moved away form computer literacy but more Web Literacy. So we show them platforms such as Google Docs and other free Web based software. Perhaps we could do a session on Open Source Software later this year and would be great if you want to join us for such a session 🙂

  3. Great to hear that they are not being locked in to any particular system, software or format. A session on open source software (and possibly tying into open standards?) sounds good. I’ll bring my wife along, who’s been using Linux and open source software for about 3 years now 🙂

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