Meeting with Taneli Tikka – Ex Dopplr, IRC-Galleria

Meeting with Taneli Tikka – Ex Dopplr, IRC-Galleria

This evening I had the privilege meeting with Taneli Tikka a self professed serial entrepreneur. He has been CEO of a large number of Finnish technology companies including IRC-Galleria, RuntoShop and many others. He also served on the executive board for Dopplr a popular travel social network that was acquired by Nokia during 2009 for an undisclosed amount.

Taneli amazingly have a very good history in acquiring and investing in a number of companies. He also have the ability to maximise those investments and it was good getting some insight from him and advice for young entrepreneurs. His talk “Defining problems instead of solving them” was hosted by newly formed Aalto University and below is some key points that I’ve found to be useful:

– As an Entrepreneur you have to establish how you are different from all the others and be the best at what you do
– You have to stand out from the rest
– Small changes with what is out there could differentiate you from the rest
– Do not spend too much time finding out what you should do.
– Put your energies on more problem defining than problem solving
– Fight hard to define problems
– Problem identification and definition are skills young entrepreneurs should have
– Young Entrepreneurs should be able to develop their business in CHAOS.
– The most important tools for any startup entrepreneur are Deck of slides, Executive Summary and elevator pitch.

Taneli is definitely one of the young entrepreneurs we will be following closely and so much to learn by applying some of his experiences to the Social Entrepreneurial activities in reconstructing communities.


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