Social Media and Geeky Moms

Social Media and Geeky Moms


Yesterday we launched the second year of our Mom 2.0 programme where we teach women from our community (Buzz at RLabs above)how to use Social Media to share stories, local news and to connect with other women globally. This year’s programme will be different in we will not just explore various Social Media technologies but we will also use a different approach of empowering these women. Although many of these women come from different backgrounds that include no computer literacy, literacy problems and fear for computers we are sure to have an exciting year ahead. The programme will be managed by last year Reconstructed and Mom 2.0 graduates giving them an opportunity to share their experiences with other community members.

Some of the areas in Social Media that we will focus on are Social networking sites, blogging, micro-blogging, file-sharing sites and mobile social networks. We also had guests from Finland who joined us at the launch who shared some insights to the group about Living Labs and the importance of the Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs). With such a great start to the year we are definitely in for a wonderful time and seeing more of our community members being part of the Social Media Factory.


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  1. Wow! being one of the moms of mom2 to take up the 2010 challenges, makes me exceptionally proud to be from our dysfunctional communities,being empowered through technology to reach those inneed. Thank you,Marlon Parker.Be Blessed.

  2. Hi Aunt Rae. You are a great inspirationa dn we are definitely looking forward to your new programme as well with young women and Social media 🙂

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