Non-profit growth and sustainability through Innovation

Non-profit growth and sustainability through Innovation

With a number of non-profit and community based organisations having to shut down during 2009 due to the recession and lack of funders support, we suggest some tips on how these organisations could become self-sustainable over the next year. One of the important areas and a balanced scorecard pillar for organisations is Innovation and Learning.

The following are tips for innovation that could be used by non-profits to support growth and sustainability:
1. Strategic Innovation Roadmap
– Allow quality time for thinking and structuring of plan
– Keep it simple and focus on all areas from idea to implementation
– Get you ideas challenged
– What is the ROI towards growth and sustainability
– Regular review

2. Open/ User Innovation
– Research and explore various opportunities in your field
– Develop strong Networks
– Promote openess to external ideas
– Be willing to release control of idea
– Use new methodologies such as Living Labs to ensure open innovation

3. Pet project innovation
1. Create time for your organisation to experiment
2. Provide resources to support these innovations
3. Create awareness of these pet innovations in organisations

4. Methodical Innovation
1. Observe and understand the needs of your customers
2. Engage with communities and clients to indentify ideas.
3. Develop prototypes of these possible solutions and get it to the community as quickly as possible.

Above all use 2010 as a year where you create an Innovation Culture ensuring that you make Innovation your business.


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