Mobile Phones and HIV/AIDS

Mobile Phones and HIV/AIDS

The sooner we understand the opportunity we have in Africa and other developing countries to maxmise the use of mobile phones for social issues the sooner we can see a nation changed and transformed. Early September 2009 I joined Cell-Life and the National AIDS Helpline on a journey to see how we can use mobile instant messaging as a medium to support a nation impacted by HIV/AIDS. With more than 10% of South Africa being effected by HIV the mobile counselling solution was to educate and support South Africans bringing hope to those who has lost hope.

With only 3 counsellors being available between 3 and 5pm, Monday to Thursday; we had no idea what the Adoption of this FREE service will be like. Since we’ve started this journey the following is the latest numbers for the service:

Number of Subscribers: 3,887
Number of Conversations: 10,807
Number of Messages: 106,210

The above was all achieved within 106 hours (2 hours per day) being online with the service. Definitely an opportunity for us to see more social support services making use of mobile phones to impact the lives of Communities in Tension.


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