Education for everyone using Mobile Phones

Education for everyone using Mobile Phones

Over the past few years we’ve read and heard about a number of m-Learning (Mobile Learning) projects but most of them seem to just provide access to content rather than fully fledged engagement, assessment and learning environment for those fortunate enough to have access to such services. This year I’ll be involved with two Mobile Learning projects with RLabs where we hope to enhance education for everyone.

With so many youth leaving school or not in a position to access formal education, through the use of mobile phones we hope to see fully-fledged mobile learning activities with our pilot projects this year. The educational offering will also expand beyond just formal schooling to other specialised courses.

So what do we believe makes a successful Mobile Learning environment? The realisation that mobile phones is beyond just providing access but can now be used to enhance, empower and educate communities. Some M-Learning areas that could be further explored and of great interest to me are:

• Collaborative, cooperative, and Contextual m-Learning
• Gaming and simulations
• Mobile Cloud Computing
• Meta data and Semantics in M-learning
• New Media and Mobile Social Networks
• Augmented Reality

With so many opportunities to bring change to the educational environment, being able to educate the unreached and those most in need would be a major step to the continuous empowerment of Communities in Tension.


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