African Social Media Surgery launch

Today the team at RLabs are excited to announce the launch of our first public Social Media Surgery inspired by Nick Booth aka Podnosh. These Social Media Surgeries are where the Social Media community donate their time and resources to community members and community organisations by booking a time with the surgeons. We are adopting the same approach in Cape Town but taking it a step further by setting up our Social Media Surgery in a public space (today it will be Vangate Mall – see video clip above). The setup will allow any member of the public to come and see us at our tables in the mall and ask the Social Media Surgeons for Social Media related help and support. This could be from setting up an email address to setting up a blog. Not only will the public be introduced to these tools but they will also receive instruction on using it via their mobile phones. The Social Media Surgery will be managed by Craig Ross and the rest of the RLabs Superstars. What excites me about this initiative is that the management and our surgeons will be men and women who use to disempower their community through drugs and violence, who are now giving back and empowering citizens through Social Media. We will share more shortly on the FIRST Social Media Surgery in Africa.


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