Social Media influence Buying Decisions

Social Media influence Buying Decisions

Over the past few years the growth of Social Media has grabbed the attention from communities all over the world. We’ve seen people talking about social networks (e.g. FaceBook etc.) in wealthy suburbs, businesses and Univeristies in South Africa as well as rural areas and communities where children are discussing the same technologies. The trend of the Social Media tools have extended beyond just people being connected with one another but also influence buying decisions. The same trends were also evident in an article in Business Week how FaceBook, Twitter and other Social Networks have influenced 28% of the buying decisions in teh US over the festive season.

Personally I’ve found that I normally seek advice via Social Networks and the online community when buying certain items. During this year my online hosting service, t-shirt shopping, DVDs, insurance, donations and many others were determined by advice given on Social Media networks. If this is only the beginning of how our buying behaviours could change then surely during 2010 we will see an increase in giving online to support social projects that could have a positive impact on communities in tension.


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