96 Hours of HIV/AIDS support using Mobile Phones

96 Hours of HIV/AIDS support using Mobile Phones

Yesterday marked 96 hours of LIVE activity by the National AIDS Helpline (NAH) offering HIV/AIDS support to people in need. This is really exciting because the counsellors still have the same passion using mobile phones as another medium to reach people impacted by this epidemic. As we celebrate World AIDS Day 1 December, we would like to celebrate with NAH on achieving 3 months of mobile counselling using the Advice Support system. The service that runs 2 hours a day Mondays to Thursdays have offered so much support to people accross South Africa and the latest stats shows why we are on an exciting journey to bring about change in the lives of people searching for hope:

3873 Conversations

682 Subscribers

41,122 Messages

To add the National AIDS Helpline on your mobile instant messenger or chat application do the following:

– Add redchatzone@gmail.com as a Jabber or Google Talk contact.
– Accept the contact

This service is available every week Mondays to Thursday between 3 and 5pm.


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