Amsterdam Business School visit to RLabs

Amsterdam Business School visit to RLabs

Today RLabs was priviliged to host a group of amazing individuals from the University of Amsterdam Business School who are currently busy with their Executive Masters in Information Management. The group have been doing a week of training and projects part of a collaboration with UCT Graduate School of Business. Being part of this programme not only provided our team an opportunity to share experiences and stories but also learn from an amazing group of individuals who are adding value to their various organisations daily.


The presentations describing the landscape of technology in South Africa and giving background to RLabs is availble for viewing and downloads below:


One Reply to “Amsterdam Business School visit to RLabs”

  1. Hi Marlon,
    just got back to Holland…
    Thank you and your pals for your impressive work within the community of bridgetown.. Those are the real hero’s, also very inspiring for us… It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter what you have.. It is what you contribute to the community that (really) matters. We in Holland can learn from that inspiration and power to execute…
    We’ll meet again!

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