Twitter is NOT a Social Network

Twitter is NOT a Social Network

Interesting following some of the tweets at the San Francisco Web 2.0 Summit and CEO of Twitter Evan Williams making a statement that Twitter is a Information Network and NOT a Social Network. This definitely got the room buzzing and ofcourse twitter streams being flooded with this statement. Another interesting comment made by Ev was the fact the first order of priority for Twitter was scalability then followed by reliability and user experience. Clearly this could be valid in this case where the social experience is secondary to the large volumes of resources you can access on the Twitter Information Network. Well and for those of use who wondered if Ev and the Twitter team have sleepless nights for not selling to FaceBook the answer is simply NO.

ays Ev Wms on stage:reliability is 2nd order of priority.1st order of priority is scalability;2nd is reliability & 2nd user experience


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