Reduction in South African Cellphone tarrifs

Reduction in South African Cellphone tarrifs

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The department said yesterday that it wanted to see interconnection rates – which cellphone operators pay each other for switching a call between networks – to drop by 30c, from R1.25 to R0.95 by the end of November and by an additional 30c over the next year.
With the number of mobile phones available to consumers exceeding the South African population, one of the biggest concerns for Mobiles for Development has been the costs of using a mobile phone. Finally, the communications department announced that South African consumers could have a drop in call rates by the end of November. The department also wants to see interconnection rates being dropped by R0.30 and an additional R0.30 during 2010.

This has been described as a breakthrough for consumers as the South African cellphone connection market has long been described as being overpriced compared to other countries. For us this is exciting news as we will be able to provide more services at lower costs to consumers who are in need of social and economical support.


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