First Week with the new Drug Advice Support (DAS)

First Week with the new Drug Advice Support (DAS)

Today was the first week with our new DAS hours and it was interesting to see the number of conversations and users who were seeking support for substance abuse or social related issues. The new DAS hours of operation are Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays 4 to 6pm. The following were the number of users per day for this week:

Monday: 93 users
Tuesday: 114 users
Wednesday: 86 users
Thursday 101 users
Saturday 59 users

The number of users serviced this week were a total of 453 users. The numbers were lower than our normal average per day but the conversations were more meaningful as we had a number of serious users who were in desperate need. The new hours are all thanks to the DELL South African Development Fund’s donation that we received last week.


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