What lies ahead for Drug Advice Support (DAS)?

What lies ahead for Drug Advice Support (DAS)?

Well after over a year of concept and development with the Drug Advice Support (DAS) system how far have we journeyed and what lies ahead of us. We celebrate a year of Advice Support, although it only went live August 2008, we’ve seen change and innovation through this process.

What began as a little experiment to serve a small community would capture the imagination of a nation. DAS began with little idea exactly how it will be done but the sole purpose of the concept was to ensure the well being of its users. From early beginnings in 2007 the idea came about using technology in counselling. With a group of dedicated community developers we began this journey and not only saw the lives of people in need reconstructed but also the co-development of the Advice Support Network.

So since then we’ve reached out to citizens affected by the problem of substance abuse, HIV and AIDS and offering Career Advice and Support using our Advice Support Network. Now that we’ve managed to show how useful this technology is as an enabler to support counseling we are ready for the next step in our journey. We are planning to expand the service to other parts of South Africa in order to support citizens in need across our nation. For more about this project in the media read…


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  1. are you guys coping with the career advice, I work at an academic institution and keen to offer assistance with regards to engineering mainly. On twitter my name is stubborn, holla if you need the help.

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