How much will a tweet cost you from your Mobile?

How much will a tweet cost you from your Mobile?

Well this post is a short test to see the cost of tweeting from a Mobile phone using some of the technologies I’ve got on my Nokia N81. The reason for this little experiment was specifically aimed at communities where cost is an issue or barrier to access or share information.

Cost for a single tweet per technology on my mobile: – zaR0.04 (Your personal and friends’ tweets, @replies, Your Profile, People you follow, Public timeline, Drawbacks: No direct messaging possible, No Retweeting) – zaR0.07 (Your and friends’ tweets (with some pics too), replies, directs, search, public timeline, Retweet, pic and tweet, geo friends (location based)

Fring – zaR0.05 (your personal and friends’ tweets, takes long to load sometimes)

MXit(using Spoink setup) – zaR0.01 (One way tweeting at the moment, Only pushing messages nothing else)

Well now that you have the costs and some of the functionalities of the technologies you know which tool will be best for you. Personally I prefer let me know whats your choice or if there are any other tools you are using that we could add to this list. Happy Mobile Tweeting:-)


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