Exciting Week ahead

After a week of making good contacts and meeting interesting people at the Innovation Conference an exciting week is lying ahead. The week starts off with an appearance on national television SABC 2, at 07h35 Monday 2 February. This week will also be the first of its kind where we are hosting all Honours students from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)at the Impact Centre for two weeks. The students will be part of this exciting phase with the launch of the Athlone Living Lab where innovation will emerge that will be used to empower the citizens from the local community.

This is also the week where we will explore the possibilities of linking up with local and provincial government to see how we can roll out the Drug Advice Support initiative. It is also our official 6 month celebration with DAS as we continue using technology to change lives of citizens in Communities in Tension (CiT).


Innovation Systems: Unlocking Potential

Being part of the COFISA Innovation Systems workshop opened the doors for many more opportunities to Technology for Community Empowerment. The African context lend itself to strong Social Innovations not just important for survival but also the possibility to globalisation.

Some of the areas that were discussed during Day 1 at the workshop was the National Implementation Innovation Strategies in both South Africa and Finland, exploring foresight as a tool for innovation, the Triple Helix Collaboration and Science Parks as Regional Development Catalysts.

Day 2 was especially interesting as the core discussions were around Living Labs, Knowledge and Innovation in Rural Development, monitoring and evaluation of Innovation Systems and some of the innovation developments in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The workshop has clearly indicated that there are a need for more innovative strategies in a developing country but also that it should be inclusive of all parties involved in the process of innovation.


Advice Support Network: Screenshots

The Advice Support Network has been taking off nicely and we thought sharing some screenshots to see the technology used by the Advisors accross South Africa to support people in need.

Above the Drug Advice Support (DAS) log in page

Career Advice Support (CAS) log in page

Career Advice Support (CAS) example conversation

Positive Advice Support (PAS) admin page


A Week of Reconstruction using Technology

It has definitely been a different week with a number of meetings, planning and developing strategies for the year ahead. Already the year has started off with a bang with two new projects starting. One of the project is a Youth Citizens Journalism project with schools in the local area and the other being establishing an IT Academy in the Bridgetown Community.

We also discussing collaborations with another major social mobile applications development organisation and talks with a major corporate for possible partnership. Everything seems to be going well and with some of the Reconstructed Team doing a presentation this Thursday about the Reconstruct red project we excited to see our new intake of world changers in the next 2 weeks.


Advice Support Services Latest

Today was another successful day with the Advice Support Services. Drug Advice Support (DAS) times were extended to 7pm. We are therefore now online between 3 and 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Our first day with the extended hours went well and we’ve seen an increase in number after 5pm.

Another milestone was achieved today when we reached our 50 subscribers mark with our Career Advice Support (CAS)service. This has been achieved without any marketing or promotion of the service as yet. Positive Advice Support (PAS) also had a good day as we’ve had a number of requests to the service. We will keep you updated on the progress of the expanded Advice Support services.


Drug Advice Support(DAS) statistics

The success of DAS has not only open doors to many new opportunities using mobile technologies but also granted us the joy of seeing the lives of many people being reconstructed as we were able to be that lifeline to many. To give an indication how effective DAS has been some of the statistics (over a period of 102 hours / 5 months) are found below:

Total conversations: 12,255
Number of Drug conversations: 6921 (56.5%)
• Tik: 1913
• Dagga: 634
• Heroin: 846
• Smoking: 147
• Mandrax: 69
• Alcohol: 588
• Rocks: 30
• Ecstasy: 23
• General Drug queries: 2671

Other conversations:
Pregnancy: 101
Relationship: 297
Sex related: 99
School/Education: 175
Depression: 120
Sickness: 19
Death/Suicide: 106
Employment: 362
Rape: 23
Physical/Emotional Abuse: 236
Religious: 761
General: 2896

Total Messages – 64 921

Average number of conversations per session: 12 255 / 102 hours = 240.3 per session (Max 473, Min 21)
Average number of Messages = 1273 per session (Max 3678, Min 234)
Average number of conversations per Advisor in a session = 37 (Min 4, Maximum 56)

This is the year where DAS along with the other Advice Support services (PAS and CAS) will be expanded into schools, colleges, universities and various communities across the Western Cape, South Africa.


Advice Support expansions

This year we are starting with a bang and expanding Advice Support services with the launch of 2 new additions to DAS (Drug Advice Support). PAS (Positive Advice Support), advice and support for people impacted by HIV or AIDS, and CAS (Career Advice Support), offering youth advice on studies,career and general tips, has been launched today and is available to the public.

How to add PAS:
– Add contact
– Select Google Talk
– Google ID: pasdirect , Nickname: PAS
– Accept Contact

How to add CAS:
– Add contact
– Select Google Talk
– Google ID: casdirect , Nickname: CAS
– Accept Contact

These services will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3 – 5pm. With these expansions we hope to reach and start reconstructing as many people using technology.


Reconstructed Radio Interview

This evening we had the privilege to share more about the Reconstructed project on a late night show on Radio CCFM 107.5FM. This year we intend to increase the amount of work to empower communities in tension (CiT) with many new additions to the Reconstructed project.


Youth Mobile Trends for 2009 by Graham Brown

With youth making up a large number of Mobile and web users accross the world its important to know the trends in Mobile marketing for youth. The same applies using technology for social change, the social application developers and social entrepreneurs should know what the latest mobile trends are for young people. Find 2 presentations by Graham Brown (MobileYouth.org) that gives youth mobile trends for 2009: